Athena Medical Services


Our team have many years of experience of hands on medical practice in civilian, military and commercial environments. They have worked daily with the realities of saving life in various situations. Here are some of the testimonials given by our customers.

Our customers' words

Vincent King, Brunel University

First Aid at work (FAAW) 3 day - 17/02/2020

I have just spoken to Graham M who was on the recent First Aid course and he has asked that I feedback my compliments regarding the trainer. Graham is a First Aid veteran of over 25 years and has attended many courses in his career but said that this was amongst the best.

Jamie Taylor, EX- Army medic

Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAAW) 1 day - 17/02/2020

Hi all at Athena, great people with the experience and knowledge, it's all you need to make a great course work :)

Dr Colin Berry, Cardiff University

Hostile Environment Medical Training - 17/02/2020

I'm writing to thank you again for the training you gave us. The excellent training we'd had, allowed me to keep calm and take charge as the first-on-scene, of a situation presented the day after the course. A really dreadful situation but made a little less awful by the fact that I could take appropriate steps and keep the victim calm while others stood around not knowing what to do. Anyway, thanks again guys. The training really kicked in and gave me the confidence I needed in the heat of the moment. I'm so glad I did the course and that I squeezed it in before this trip. I owe you both at least a beer for this!